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serviceWe have unique access to data, and global footprint that enables us to spot trends and emerging issues quickly. With a reputation for solving complex issues and helping clients create lasting value, Pharma Strategies helps clients with their strategic decision making to develop winning strategies in a dynamic global healthcare market.

Product Development


New Market

  • Product Development Strategy

    At Pharma Strategies, we combine clinical and commercial insights to transform your product development. Differentiate your product to maximize its long-term success by applying an end-to-end approach characterized by clinical and commercial integration. With Pharma Strategies, you can collaborate with seasoned experts...

  • Business Development

    Developing your business – through partnering, acquisition, licensing – and expanding your portfolio: a big ask in tough economic times. We can help. Pharmaceutical market intelligence combined with expert scientific pipeline data. Sales forecasts and the latest from conferences. So you can...

  • New Market Access

    Everybody’s talking about market access. But far fewer appear able to define it. In the competitive world of pharmaceutical sales, developing a market access call strategy can pay dividends. We provide professional advice to our clients on new pharmaceutical market entry or...


Clinical Research


and Education

  • Clinical Research Development

    How do you optimally balance time, risk and cost with the need to maximize the potential of your product? Structured, collaborative and data-driven trial design will position you for clinical and commercial success. Clinical trials are conducted to evaluate the efficacy and...

  • Innovation Management

    It is our observation that Pharma’s innovation focus remains on products and business models, and as such, we are there as Pharma Strategies to construct a compelling list of priorities for our clients to improve the company’s innovation performance....

  • Marketing & Education

    Pharma Strategies is heavily involved in the provision of Marketing Excellence and Continuous Medical Education "CME" services in the region. We appreciate that our clients face a number of issues of high strategic and financial impact. This is especially true in the...