Our Work

  • Innovation Management

    It is our observation that Pharma’s innovation focus remains on products and business models, and as such, we are here as PharmaStrategies to construct a compelling list of priorities for our clients in order to improve the company’s innovation performance. We always keep in mind that Innovation performance is a key driver of business performance. Any well-informed investment in innovation will positively impact on your bottom line.

  • Product Development Strategy

    At PharmaStrategies, we combine clinical and commercial insights to transform your product development. Differentiate your product to maximize its long-term success by applying an end-to-end approach characterized by clinical and commercial integration. With PharmaStrategies, you can collaborate with seasoned experts to forge strategies backed by solid data.

  • New Market Access

    Everybody’s talking about market access. But far fewer appear able to define it. In the competitive world of pharmaceutical sales, developing a market access call strategy can pay dividends. As PharmaStrategies, we provide professional advice to our clients on; new pharmaceutical market entry or regional expansion, increasing local market presence, revamping local organizational structures and assessing and implementing new business models in Sub-Sahara Africa.

  • Business Development

    Developing your business – through partnering, acquisition, licensing – and expanding your portfolio: a big ask in tough economic times. PharmaStrategies can help. Pharmaceutical market intelligence combined with expert scientific pipeline data. Sales forecasts and the latest from conferences. So you can quickly identify companies or compounds of interest around your chosen therapeutic area, including pharma market intelligence, competitive intelligence, IP intelligence, pipeline data, and conference reports.

  • Marketing & Education

    PharmaStrategies is heavily involved in the provision of Marketing Excellence and Continuous Medical Education “CME” services in the region. We appreciate that our clients face a number of issues of high strategic and financial impact. This is especially true in the areas of launch optimisation, and pricing. We therefore go all out to ensure that the client gets deeper insight into customer needs across multiple demographic segments sub-sahara Africa.

  • Recruitment Services

    PharmaStrategies understands the complexities involved in finding the right human capital, suitable for technical, administration and management postings in the sector. We bridge the gap where general management and administration knowledge meet with pharmaceutical expertise. We train reps to manage portfolios and we also monitor their performance over time to build their pharmaceutical competencies.

  • Specialist Industry Training

    At PharmaStrategies, we ensure that our clients are equipped with the best human resources that have adequate industry knowledge to be able to engage in all levels of business. To this end, we offer industry specific training so as to ensure that an employee or a candidate has sound product knowledge and a good understanding of how the pharmaceutical industry works.

  • Market Intelligence

    We provide comprehensive market insights drawn from our understanding of market dynamics, real-time news, pharma trends, market analysis, special reports, and our extensive experience in the sector. Our comprehensive market intelligence is based on well researched data, predictive analysis, and deep data pools. PharmaStrategies will provide highly accurate data and insightful analysis to assist in decision-making in response to rapid industry change.

  • Environmental Scanning

    PharmaStrategies will track tends and occurances in a clients internal and external environment that impact on its current and future success. We look at quantitative and qualitative changes, and we assist in the set up of envirnmental indicators. Collectively, such an analysis and its outcomes prove to be vital in shaping goals and strategies.

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